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A place where you can realize all your most secret desires and passions.

There are no names - there are only aliases.

We guarantee complete isolation from the outside world and unconditional confidentiality.

A strict face control. Entrance is only 18 years old.

Services prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation are not available.

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massageAnd did you know that the sexual energy of a person affects his psychological state? Sometimes sexual energy must be released outside and the best way to do this is to have an erotic massage.

Erotic massage is not for nothing called sensual, because it consists of numerous tactile movements that act differently on the body of a man. If the masseuse performs stroking movements, they completely relax the body. But intense movements can stimulate muscles.

That is why our spa erotic massage salon offers a variety of procedures, from which men can either make their own choice, or rely on the choice of our experienced masseuses who will know what is needed in each case.


The procedure of erotic massage tones up the male body, thereby positively affecting the immune system. The thing is that the potency for the male organism plays a big role, and its stimulation during the massage can affect the man only from the positive side. Because the spa salon erotic massage to carry out a variety of procedures, so that each client received the desired result.


picThere are men who suffer from a kind of sexual impotence, arising for various reasons. Regular trekking in our spa massage salon for carrying out such a procedure can help with this problem. And agree, combining business with pleasure is the best thing you can dream about.

Also, considering what is so useful for erotic massage, you can refer to specialists who highlight the following several points:

  • Proper erotic massage helps to improve blood flow in the body. Including in the genitals, which positively affects the health of men.
  • Massage is often carried out at special points. This helps to strengthen the sexual system, improve the potency and develop a hidden sexuality.
  • And, most importantly, an erotic massage for men is a kind of body training. Not many people know that prolonged stimulation and abstinence, in the future, help maintain a quality erection.


picAt home, an erotic massage can not be performed so qualitatively, because spa massage is not only an experienced masseuse, it's also the right setting, the appropriate music, the necessary aromatic oils. Only in our spa, erotic massage will be performed qualitatively at 100% and will be able to give the above results.

By the way, I want to remind you that erotic massage has no contraindications. And as soon as a man turns 18, he immediately can feel this procedure on himself.

Dear men, numerous studies have repeatedly proven that the release of sexual energy makes a person a more successful and bright personality. Therefore, perhaps it makes sense to try out a new, and most importantly pleasant procedure, which will not only be pleasant, but will also bring results!

Enjoy an erotic massage spa for men in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt in our Alibi salon. Prices for massage you can find in the section Spa-menu.